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Prom Checklist - Girls

16 Weeks Before Prom
Start using this checklist.
Ask how much money your parents are willing to contribute.
Start saving money if necessary.
Shop for that special dress. When you find it, you can put it on lay-away if need be.
12 Weeks Before Prom
Pick out accessories that will coordinate with your dress and/or with your date's outfit.
Start taking care of your hair and nails, particularly if you have short or bitton nails. If you are growing your hair out, trim it every 4 weeks to avoid frizzy, split ends.
6 Weeks Before Prom
Purchase your Prom tickets.
Pick out styles or start trying different styles of hair, even if you are doing it yourself.
VERY IMPORTANT: Discuss your prom plans with your parents.
4 Weeks Before Prom
Pick up your Prom dress.
Break in your Prom shoes by wearing them several times (your feet will thank you!).
Make appointments to have your hair, makeup and nails done. Everyone will want to be at the salon on that day. If you get stuck, try a salon further away (near a high school whose Prom is not on the same day as yours).
2 Weeks Before Prom
Call and confirm all reservations and appointments you have made for Prom day.
Collect your supplies: camera, film, clear nail polish, extra pantihose, phone card, change, cash, student ID, tickets, etc.
Let your parents meet your Prom date, if they haven't already.
Prom Day
Pick up your date's boutonniere.
Go to your hair, nails and makeup appointment(s).

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Be Prepared!
It always pays these days to be prepared when you leave the house, especially on Prom night: Take enough cash for your expenses, such as dinner, tips, incidentals, and a little extra money for emergencies. Also carry some change for a phone call, or bring a phone card.

If you have a cellular phone, take it with you in case of an emergency.
Take a camera along to take pictures of each other, and extra film. (the chaperones will be more than willing to help with this job.)
Girls, carry extra panty hose or a bottle of clear nail polish to stop a run. A safety pin can be a life saver!
Take care of your belongings. Don't leave valuables on the table or in bathrooms. Even if you think you know everyone at the dance, it would be very sad to lose a camera or your money just because you were careless and left it sitting around unattended.
Discuss your plans with your parents. Include where you are going, with whom, what time you will be where, and when you can be expected home. Parents tend to worry about such things. Remember, even if they trust you, they don't trust the other people out on the road. If it will help them relax, offer to check in with them sometime during the evening, and also if you'll be late getting home.
After-Prom: these parties are always a blast! Don't forget a change of clothes to be comfortable while you party.

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